Industry-Leading Perspective on Banking in 2022

Over the past year, financial institutions faced a new administration, a lingering pandemic and surges in both digital use and cyber threats. CSI’s annual research initiative – one of the largest of its kind – assessed how these shifts affected them. In their responses, executives from banks and credit unions across the nation paint a vivid picture of the shifting landscape and offer their strategies to address the challenges.

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Download your copy of the 2022 Banking Priorities Executive Report.

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About the 2022 Banking Priorities Executive Report

CSI conducted its seventh annual Banking Priorities Survey to gauge how banking executives nationwide rate their performance in various categories, along with the technologies and issues they expect will drive the financial sector in 2022.

More bankers than ever responded, representing diverse roles and institution asset sizes. The resultant report analyzes the findings and covers the strategies, spending initiatives and technologies that will shape banking in 2022.

Discover where bankers like you stand on new technology, compliance, cybersecurity and more by downloading your copy today.

Preview the Noteworthy Takeaways

Digital Banking


Cybersecurity topped the list of bankers’ concerns:

Regulatory Compliance

Bankers ranked their top three regulatory concerns for 2022 as:

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